Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am in China (the country)

I'm in China. I'm safe. I'm in the process of moving into my apartment. They are housing me in a nice housing complex in Zhongshan (Dr. Sun Yat Sen's birthplace), a town 20 min. away from UIC (my school). Although the apartment is really nice, I wish we weren't so separated from the students and the school's facilities and the city of Zhuhai. Oh well, we may only stay here one semester. I got a cell phone, if you're in china, email me for my number. Sorry this post is boring and brief, I'm on a shady wireless network (I'll pay for my own internet later) and someone could be stealing all my everything as I'm writing this. I probably miss you.


  1. i hope your blog posts get more exciting. in other news, you can be the 131st person in china to become an organ donor!!


  2. glad you made it safe man. it was great to run into you at the airport. Shoot me an email with your number. gaojian85@gmail.com